Caring for Cambodia

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Caring for Cambodia

Our overarching theme for this school year is community. We want to come together with a “common-unity”, common goals and unified hearts. Not only are we pulling together, but we want to look beyond ourselves and serve others as well. Towards that end, I want to invite every student, family, teacher, or classroom to join us in a special fundraising project: Caring for Cambodia.

Last school year, during our annual Missions Day, we learned that there are people in Cambodia living in garbage dumps and many are without access to clean water. However, our missionary hosts shared that for approximately $2000, a water well/filtration system can be provided—when placed in the right location, many people are drawn out of the dumps and a community develops. In receiving such a basic need—clean water—the people in those newly formed communities are blessed and the Gospel of Jesus Christ can be effectively presented and received by many!

Please, join us in a school wide effort to raise $2000 by January 31, 2019. Teachers will be visiting with their students to determine what small part they might play as a classroom community in helping a Cambodian community. Again, individuals and families are invited to take part as well—be creative and let’s train our students to care for others in a global capacity.

Additionally, we’ll have three fun fundraisers for ongoing contributions:

  • Candy for Cambodia – On Fridays this year all candy sales at lunch will go towards the project.
  • Clothing for Cambodia – on mid-term Fridays and the last Friday of each month, students and staff will be allowed to change their clothing for a fundraising donation: Heartland Shirt ($1), Jeans ($1), and Gym Shoes ($1).
  • Grab-N-Give Water Jug Puzzle – opposite the Cambodia outreach banner, we’re posting a water jug puzzle display; each puzzle piece represents varying amounts that a student, family, parent, teacher, or class is welcome to take as a pledged amount to raise or contribute to our goal. Once such funds have been turned in to the HCA Front Office, that piece of the puzzle will be filled in!  Once our jug is “filled” we’ll have reached our goal!

Contributions can also be made online throughout the e-giving link here on our school website—just select Cambodia Fundraiser.

Also, check out our progress: HOW MUCH DO YOU THINK WE HAVE RAISED?

Note: We are past our goal and on to well #3! Go HCA!

Again, please join us in this project of Caring for Cambodia. As we prayed for the Karen people of Burma last year, let’s faithfully do so for Cambodians this year—and see what God will do.