Donations for Texans

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Donations for Texans

Hello Parents/Caregivers,

As an extension of what the Heartland Community is doing to reach out to Texans in need, our school would like to ask you to participate in a collection of school supplies for victims of Hurricane Harvey. As many of you know, the storm caused severe damage to many homes, churches, nursing homes, and other facilities. Elementary schools took a hard hit as well and it will take time to successfully recover from the flooding.

As Texans rebuild, restore, and repair their schools, we can certainly  help by making donations. Throughout the week, please, feel free to drop off school supplies at the school under the mural in the foyer (see list at end of this email); you can also bring supplies to church on Wednesday evening (9/13/2017) or on Friday/Saturday. These supplies will be packaged and sent on a trailer with other non-perishable food items, cleaning supplies, and other resources being donated by the community and collected through the church.

If you have any questions or concerns about donations for schools, please, contact the HCA Front Office (660.284.6300 or x4100).

Thank you,
Shabaka Williams

Here is a list of specific things that they need in schools:

Primary Classrooms
Yoga balls, comfy flexible seating
Small dry erase boards
Crayola Washable Thick Classic Markers (10 count)
Crayola Washable Thin Classic Markers (10 count)
Elmer’s glue
Ream of paper
Kleenex tissue
Plastic pocket & brad folders (blue, red, green, purple & yellow)
Crayola crayons (24 count)
Crayola crayons (16 count)
Ziploc slider gallon bags
Canvas pencil bags
Expo dry erase markers (Thick and Thin)
70 count spiral notebooks wide rule
Play Doh
Small Elmer’s glue sticks
Pink Bevel erasers
Plastic school boxes
Marble composition notebooks (1/2 page line) Ziploc sandwich bags
Cardboard magazine boxes
3X3 post-it notes
Nylon Pencil Case (clear top with Grommets)
# 2 pencils
Index cards
Nosie reduction earbuds

Other items:
Yoga balls
Small dry erase boards
Book shelves
Name plates for students
Shower caddies
Pocket charts
Listening stations
Large rugs
Duct tape
Command hooks
Clear small bins
All size Ziploc bags
Chair pockets
Book bags for readers
Magnetic letters
Velcro dots
Flexible seating chairs
2 alphabet lines
Numbers-for wall
Shapes-for wall
Colors-for wall
Individual sets of letters in containers
Magnetic letters/numbers
Good easel with magnetic side
Book boxes
Table caddies (for student materials)
Math manipulatives (pattern blocks, linking-cubes, several different types of counting items, dice, two color counters)
Monthly vocabulary posters (they have 9 words with pictures for each month-great for writing center)
Blocks/Lincoln logs
Sentence strips
Chart paper
Calendar pieces and pocket chart
Large pocket chart
Small lamp
Sharpies thick and thin
Number line for wall

Secondary Classrooms
Wide rule notebook paper (200 count)
Spiral composition notebooks wide ruled 70 count
Plastic pocket and brad folders (Red, Orange, Purple, Blue, Green, & Black)
Crayola Crayons (16 count)
Crayola thick classic markers (8 count)
4 oz. Elmer’s glue bottles
EXPO dry erase markers (thick and thin)
Kleenex tissue
Reams of copy paper
12X18 construction paper
#2 pencils
Marble composition notebooks
Vinyl pencil pouch
Ear buds headphones

Cardboard magazine boxes
Gallon zip lock bags
Pink bevel erasers
Red medium point pens
3X3 post it notes