Final Penny War Results 2017

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Final Penny War Results 2017

For those who do not know what Penny Wars is, it is a 4 week marathon where the students, teachers, parents, and family bring their pennies, nickels, dimes, quarters, and bills and compete to see who can have the highest amount of points.  There is a winner every week, and that plays into overall grand winner.

The winner for the 4th week of penny wars was 4th grade for the elementary and 10th grade for MS/HS.

The overall winners for Penny Wars 2017:
The winner of penny wars for the elementary:

  • The 4th grade. They had a total of 1110 points, and raised a total of $1179.75
  • 2nd place: 2nd grade; 1024 points; and raised $1088.27
  • 3rd place: 5th grade; 632 points, and raised $687.41

And the winner for the MS/HS:

  • The 6th grade. They has a total of 687 points, and raised a total of $688.91
  • 2nd place: 7th grade; 473 points, and raised $477.41
  • 3rd place: 10th grade; 397 points, and raised $397.65

And the grand total raised for penny wars was $7007.01.

HCA Missions Day takes place during our annual Missions Conference here at Heartland. Visiting international guests join HCA students for an all-school chapel to start the day. Our guest speaker this year was Pastor Berit.

After that, students break into groups and travel from class to class, where teachers and guests team up to provide a presentation about specific countries, as well as samples of food from that culture.

Lunch time is a world experience as well: the students pick a string which assigns them rice for lunch, a standard “American meal”, or designates them as a “beggar” who only receives food by asking others. No one goes hungry, and it is an effective way to highlight what children in other nations face.

HCA students and staff alike always look forward to Missions Day.

Click here to watch Missions Day morning chapel.