Spell for a Well

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Spell for a Well

Recap for the night: The Spelling Bee produced a great turn out and ended with a fifth grader taking home the title! The total raised from the evening was $366.00, and along with other donations, HCA meet and surpassed its goal of 3 wells!


For the last 5 months, our school and community has been participating in a special fundraising project call Caring for Cambodia. We have been raising money to purchase a water well/filtration system for Cambodian communities without access to clean water. This fundraiser is quickly coming to a close at the end of January, and we are only $600 away from being able to purchase a third well!

As a final Cambodia fundraiser, HCA is hosting a community-wide spelling bee, Spell for a Well, on Monday, January 28 at 6:30 pm. Registration will be open until January 21 for anyone ages 5-105. There will be a $5 entry fee which may be paid to the front office, where you may also pick up your word list. The first place winner will receive a prize, but the ultimate goal of this Bee is to raise funds and to have fun! Students competing against teachers, parents competing against their own children is sure to make for an entertaining evening. We do have exceptionally talented upper elementary and middle school students who have previously competed, and are eager to defend their 1st place titles. But if you’re not comfortable taking on these champions (or even Kindergarteners 😊) consider helping out a younger student or aiding a struggling co-worker by purchasing a “cheat”.

The following “cheats” will be available for purchase before and during the event for contestants and audience members. These may be purchased and played by the contestant during their turn on the night of the Bee(from the moment they are called to the microphone until they are told their spelling was correct/incorrect). Cheats may purchased for $3 each:

  • Lifeline: a person of your choice from the audience will spell the word for you (without the aid of a dictionary or device). CAUTION: if they misspell the word, you’re eliminated!
  • Try Again: buy a 2nd chance to compete in the bee after being eliminated.
  • New Word: the judge will give you a new word
  • I Need a Hint: you may ask the judge to tell you the next letter of the word
  • Pass: skip one turn and remain in the bee. This cheat may be played before or after hearing the word.
  • Consult a Dictionary: you may look up the word in a physical dictionary (not on a device). Dictionary will be provided by the judges, or you may bring your own.

If you have any questions, comments or great ideas, please email melissa.powell@hlcommunity.org or hcaoffice@hland.net