Use Egiving for Penny War Donations

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Penny WarEach year leading up to the Heartland Missions Conference, students at Heartland Christian Academy & Boarding School participate in what we call Penny Wars. They bring in as many pennies as they can for 4 weeks to help raise money for the missionaries we support here at Heartland. At the end of every week a total is taken and whichever class raised the most money receives a special treat at lunch.

Silver coins such as quarters, nickels, and dimes, along with dollar bills, are called bombs and count as negative points. The students get an opportunity every morning to bomb another class of their choice. In the end, however, all proceeds go to support a great cause. The money we have raised for penny wars has gone to build a water pump for fresh water in India, provide supplies for children in Oaxaca, Mexico, buy land for a school and fund a feeding program in Colombia, South America. Last year $10,150.22 was raised for a toddler playground in Israel, and other needs in Jericho.

This year, we are raising money for children in the Oaxaca region of Mexico whose families are starting micro-businesses such as raising chickens, goats or pigs, or planting avocado trees. They learn administrative skills, and biblical principles of sharing, tithing, and caring for others. We can help provide a way for them to improve their way of life, and be a blessing to their church and community.

This year we are providing an easy tool so family and friends across the nation can jump in and participate. By selecting here you can give through our eGiving System and specify if you want to give your money in Pennies or Bombs. Remember, pennies are positive points and bombs are negative points. Make sure to put the class you want your gift to go to in the comments section. Please put a specific student(s) name in the comments section as well so they can receive the slip for pennies or bombs and have the honor of putting it in the specified class jar.